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Friday, February 1, 2013

FUD Keylogger | Hack Facebook | Hack Password | Computer Hacking | Hack Twitter

Posted by Niketan Patil on Friday, February 01, 2013
There are lots of Password Hacking tools are available on internet which you can use to hack victim account password. Keylogger or Spyware hacking tool is one of them and it is the best password hacking tool as compare to other email hacking software, because normal users who are not computer expert can also easily use it.
hack facebook
Keylogger or Spyware software has the capability to record keystroke/captures Screen Shots and can sent it to your email account or on FTP account. Captures every key pressed on the computer viewed by the unauthorized user. Key logger software can record instant messages, e-mail and any information you type at any time on your keyboard. The log file created by the key logger can then be saved to a specific location or mailed to the concerned person. The software will also record any e-mail address you use and Website URLs visited by you.

Some advance Keylogger with its more powerful features and advanced technology captures the Desktop snapshots at regular interval of time and records the keyboard typed activities in a hidden password protected and encrypted log file.

But now days most of the keylogger are dectable to many antivirus like Nortan, Avast etc but not all keylogger. Today in this article I am going to share one of them, which is undectable(UD) to antivirus. 

So you can easily bypass his/her computer security / Antivirus protection. Name of this fully undectable keylogger is Sniperspy keylogger. Sniperspy keylogger is available for Windows operating system and for MAC operating system also.

Using this Sniperspy email hacking keylogger you can see exactly what your girlfriend, boyfriend, family members, employees or other users are doing on the computer. Provide advance settings to recorded data in encrypted log file format and delivers to administrator via email or using FTP settings. Password protected Key logger is useful for Computer professionals, Company managers, Business organization, Administrators, Parents, IT security specialists, Colleges, Universities to keep close watch on the PC users while being far away. This Sniperspy keylogger you can use it for mulitiple purpose like for hacking facebook account, hacking twitter account, hacking hotmail password, hacking Gmail password, hack email account, hack skype account password, monitor victim computer, password recovery and many more.

SniperSpy is the industry leading Remote password hacking software combined with the Remote Install and Remote Viewing feature. Once installed on the remote PC(s) you wish, you only need to login to your own personal SniperSpy account to view activity logs of the remote PC’s! This means that you can view logs of the remote PC’s from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access! SniperSpy allows you to remotely spy any PC like a television! Watch what happens on the screen LIVE! The only remote PC spy software with a SECURE control panel! This Remote PC Spy software also saves screenshots along with text logs of chats, websites, keystrokes in any language and more. Remotely view everything your child, employee or anyone does while they use your distant PC. Includes LIVE admin and control commands!

Features Of SniperSpy Email Hacking Tool 2013:

  • SniperSpy is remotely-deployable spy software
  • Invisibility Stealth Mode Option. Works in complete stealth mode. Undetectable!
  • Logs All Keystrokes
  • Records any Password (Email, Login, Instant Messenger etc.)
  • Remote Monitor Entire IM Conversations so that you can spy on IM activities too
  • Captures a full-size jpg picture of the active window however often you wish
  • Real Time Screen Viewer
  • Remotely reboot or shutdown the PC or choose to logoff the current Windows user
  • Completely Bypasses any Firewall

What if i dont have physical acess to victims computer?

No physical access to your remote PC is needed to install the spy software. Once installed you can view the screen LIVE and browse the file system from anywhere anytime. You can also view chats, websites, keystrokes in any language and more, with screenshots.

This software remotely installs to your computer through email. Unlike the other remote spy titles on the market, SniperSpy is fully and completely compatible with any firewall including Windows XP, Windows Vista and add-on firewalls.

The program then records user activities and sends the data to your online account. You login to your account SECURELY to view logs using your own password-protected login. You can access the LIVE control panel within your secure online account.

Sniperspy is recognized by CNN,BBC,CBS and other popular news network,Hence it is reputed and trustworthy, no doubt in it.

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Do you need to know what your child is doing on the computer? Do you want to know what your loved ones or spouse or kids are doing on the computer? Do you need to monitor what your employees are doing during work hours? Are they working or playing?

Winspy Keylogger is intended to help you in these kind of situations. It can show you exactly what is being done on the computer at any time.

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