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Sunday, March 29, 2015

How To Setup Cybergate RAT To Hack Computer Or Email Account Password

Posted by Niketan Patil on Sunday, March 29, 2015
As we all know,On WildHacker we have discussed various hacking method to hack email account password. In this article, I am gonna post the most useful way on how to hack email account password. This hacking software used to hack email account password is Cybergate RAT. RAT, as we all know, is Remote Administration Tool, used to hack computer remotely. It is mostly used for malicious purposes, such as controlling PC’s, stealing victims data, deleting or editing some files. You can only infect someone by sending him file called Server and they need to click it. Cybergate RAT is very efficient and simple to use to hack email account password.

Also read RAT(Remote Administration Tool) Guide For Beginners(FAQ)

Download Cybergate RAT To Hack Email Account Password:

Follow the instruction given bellow to setup Cybergate RAT

Step 1: Free Download Cybergate RAT to hack email account password.
Step 2: Now, go to and register for an account. Add a host, download No-ip client and connect to your host.

Update: You can refer How to setup No-Ip host for more information on how to setup No-ip host.

Step 3: Run Cybergate RAT on your computer to see,

hack computer

Step 4: Now hit on Control Center ->Start.

hack computer

Step 5: Again hit Press: Control Center -> Options -> Select Listening Ports

hack computer

Once You've Pressed The "Select Listening Ports", Submit following values in that window,

Firstly, Write "100" In That Little Box And Press The Blue Arrow. Then It Should Appear Under "Active Ports"
Active Ports : The Port You Will Forward Later!
Connections Limit : The Max Amount Of Victims You Can Have.
Connection PW : The Connection Password. Use "123456"
Show Password : (Shows Password) Tick This!
Once This Is Done, Press "Save"!

hack computer

Step 6: Now We'll Go To The: Control Center -> Build -> Create Server.

hack computer

Step 7: Press "New" And Name It Your Name Or Whatever. Once Done, Press "OK"

hack computer

Step 8: Now Just Double Click On Your User You Created Or Press "(User)" And Then Press "Forward" and move on to Connection Tab in Create Server window, Do following changes in it,

First, Press " - 999" And Then Press Delete.
Now Press "Add" And Write Your Hostname In It With :100 Added On The End.
Like This:

Change The Identification To : Cyber
Change The Password To : 123456

hack computer


DNS: Your Host Name, EG:
Port: The Port You Will Forward Later.
Identification: The slave Name
PW: The Password You Wrote In The Options, "123456"

Step 9: Once You're Done With These, then Move On To The "Installation" Tab.

hack computer

Have The Same Settings As Above, And Follow The Instructions In The Image!


Install Directory : Where The Server Installs,

%Program Files%

Installation Directory : Check "System" option under Installation Directory section.

Boot section : This Is The "Startup" Option.
Have Everything Checked & Press "Random" 5 Times And It Will Startup On Your slave Everytime They Start Their Computer.

Directory : Where The Virus Folder Installs

File Name : What The File Will Be Inside The Folder.

Inject Into : What Process It Injects into, Use Default Browser!

Persistance : Keeps Trying To Inject Until Complete.

Hide File : Hides The File, (Does Not Make FUD Though)

ChangeCD : Changes The Creation Date.

Mutex : Mutex Of The Server, Just Press Random A Couple Of Times.

There We Go, You've Now Completed The "Installation" Tab!

Step 10: Skip The Message & Keylogger Tab Since They Are Pre-Set & Don't Need Messing With

Step 11: You Should Now Be At The "Antis" Tab, Have Everything Checked!

hack computer

Step 12: Now For The Final Tab "Creation Of The Server" Have Every Setting As Me!

hack computer

Delayed Execution : How Many Seconds It Takes Until Your Server Injects And They Pop Up In Your RAT
Google Chrome Password : Yes, Steals Their GC Passwords
Bind Files : No, Get Another Binder Instead as Cybergates One Is Rubbish! (Have Your Server Crypted Though First)
Compress With UPX : Makes The Server Smaller But More AV's Detects It!

Note: For testing this Cybergate server on your own computer, in Installation tab, uncheck “Melt server” and also hit on “No injection” so that you can end the server and prevent yourself from any sort of damage. Also, use Deep Freeze software to prevent any sort of infection to your computer.

Step 13: Now, when you have created the Cybergate server, its time to send this server to your victim and ask him to install it on his computer.

Step 14: Cybergate RAT server is detected by most antiviruses. So, you need to crypt this server to avoid any antivirus detection. Also, you can use Binder software which binds our Cybergate RAT server to any .exe file so that our Cybergate RAT server is installed without any knowledge of the victim.

Note: If you are not getting any connections from victim computer, you need to forward your port. This is called Port Forwarding. Check out my guide on how to setup Port forwarding for all help on port forwarding.

1) How To Setup Port Forwarding Using Utorrent

2) How To Setup Port Forwarding Using Software

3) How To Setup Port Forwarding (Router & Modem) Manually

Step 15: Once, you have set up connection with victim computer, you can easily hack email account password of the victim using the remote tools like keylogger. Infact, you are now able to hack all things in his computer. The whole victim computer is your slave. Enjoy…

- Install a remote keylogger on victim computer and hack all his password.
- Run Password recovery tool and hack all his saved passwords.
- Capture his webcam
- Capture his screen
- Get the list of all active programs
- Play with his registry, drives, files.
and many more.

So friends, I hope this Cybergate RAT Setup tutorial on how to hack Email account password using Cybergate RAT will be useful for you. If you have any problem in this Cybergate RAT tutorial on how to hack email account password, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy hAcKiNg…

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