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Monday, August 29, 2011

Computer Hacking : How To Setup DarkComet - RAT v4.0

Posted by Niketan Patil on Monday, August 29, 2011
We discussed about Cybergate RAT software in my previous article on WildHacker. In this article, I am gonna post the most useful way on how to hack computer and email account password. Hacking software used to hack Computer or Email Account Password is DarkComet-RAT v4.0. RAT, as we all know, is Remote Administration Tool, used to hack computer remotely. DarkComet-RAT v4.0 is very efficient and simple to use to hack Email Account Password, Capture his webcam,Play with victim registry, drives, files etc

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What is DarkComet ?

DarkComet-RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is software design to control in the best condition and confort possible any kind of Microsoft Windows machine since Windows 2000. This software allow you to make hundreds of functions stealthly and remotely without any kind of autorisation in the remote process. This software is a long time project , started the August 2008 , DarkComet-RAT is now one of the best and one of the most stable RAT ever made and totally free.

Strong Traffic Encryption : DarkComet assure you to protect the best possible your privacy , all the Client/Server comunications are encrypted in RC4-256b using a dynamic encryption key to prevent people to reverse the program and find the generic key, also if you choose a password for connection (recommanded) it will bind the RC4 generic key with your password then it will be totally impossible to guess/find the key.
Server settings are also totally encrpyted with the same cipher to protect at 100% your privacy data.

Full Microsoft Windows Compatibility : DarkComet is design with the latest IDE of Delphi with the last windows graphic API, then the user interface is really clear / profesionnal and easy to use , also it allow you to use DarkComet in any kind of Microsoft Windows platform since Windows 2000 in 32bit and 64bit systems.

Use it even on Mac / Linux : DarkComet is also design specialy for Windows platform emulator like , then you can run it without any problem under Linux and/or Mac and have the same confort than in a real Microsoft machine.Graphics wont be crashed all will be display correctly and no dependency needed.

You don't need to forward your ports : You don't need to forward manually the ports in your router , since version 2.1 i include the UpNP (Universal Plug n Play) system , if your router is compatible (most) with UpNP then don't worry about the ports all will be done automatically and with the best security , when you don't use DarkComet the port will be automaticaly close to prevent attacks.

Works in chinese systems : The client is coded in a full natif Unicode environement then it can easily use and traduce in China, also since version 2.1 it works in all kind of Chinese operating system and display the correct Unicode characters.

Works in NAT via Virtual Machine : DarkComet since the version 2.1 works under Virtual Machine using NAT (Shared connection), then you don't need to force a bridged connection , you can use NAT without any flux transfer problem , its also still very stable and fast even with a shared connection.

Unlimited possibility's : DarkComet is the Remote Administration Tool that have the biggest amount of function , explore hundreds of functions and possibility like (Remote Capture,Webcam Capture,File Explorer, Process Manager,Registry Manager,Remote Shell,Password Grabber,Keylogger, Window Manager,Startup Manager,Remote Scripting,Fun Manager,System Informations,Msn Manager... and a lot more).

Multithread Technologie : DarkComet totally proffit of the wonderfull multithreading , you can do several actions at the same time with one or many users in same time , also the whole socket / threads are coded in pure Win32 API even for Client , that mean no components or VCL Class are use then i have control of the wholes windows events/message then its more fast and stable.

How To Setup DarkComet-RAT v4.0

Follow the instruction given bellow to setup DarkComet - RAT

Step 1: Free Download DarkComet - RAT to hack Computer or email account password.
             Password :

Step 2: Now, go to and register for an account. Add a host, download No-ip client and connect to your host.

Update: You can refer How to setup No-Ip host for more information on how to setup No-ip host.

Step 3: Run DarkComet RAT on your computer to see,

Step 4: Now hit on Setting ->No-IP Updater

Now, enter your No-IP information ( Host,E-mail and password ) in the boxes and click " Update DSN " button. If you got a message saying that you succesfully updated your Host name then great, if not, make sure that No-IP is working properly and " TRY AGAIN "

It's better if you check the "Auto update your no-ip dsn when your IP change" box, when you finish close the window.

Step 5: Now hit on "Edit Server" -> Main settings to see,

Press the "Generate" button 5-9 times to create a new unique mutex for the process, after that enter an ID for the server so you can identify the slave later and finally enter your profile's name.

Step 6: Now hit on "Network Settings" to see,

Now enter your No-IP on the box called "IP/DNS" and enter the "Port" bellow that,now press on the button labelled "Add this configuration" to add your host's information. As you can see, after you add the host it will appear on the list on the left.

Now press both "Green arrow button" next to IP/DNS and above one to get your Local IP,LAN IP or your WAN IP.

After that you can Test the connection by pressing "Test Network" Button.

Step 7: Now hit on "Module Startup" and check the box on the top which is labelled "Enable module server startup", then choose an installation path and name and finally have fun with the other check boxes bellow...

Step 8: Unfer "Install Message" tap, you can enable it and enter your own error message if you need to, just the infos and choose the icon and thats it...

Step 9: Here under tha "Module Shield" tap, I strongly recommend that you check the "Totally hide stub...." and "Totally hide parent stub.." box, after that you can choose the other settings as you feel necessary...

Step 10: For the "KeyLogger" tap, I guess I don't need to tell you, just check the "Active offline keylogger" box, and if you want to get Logs via FTP activate that too and enter your FTP information.

Step 11: Now the "Choose Icon" tap, leave it on "No Icon" if you don't need it, or click on "Custom Icon" and choose an icon from list bellow, or yet add your very own by putting the path for the *.ico file in the box.

Step 12: Now under the "File Binder" tap, you can bind more than one file to your server..
Start by browsing for the files and when you choose a file click on the "Add File" button to add it to the list until you're done with the files. Also you can let the binded files run only for once with your server or you can check the "Execute binder at each server startup" to do so and finally, select what do you wanna do with the files, either "Drop and execute" or "Inject resource to explorer".

Step 13: Now go to "Build Module" tab to finally create your server. Choose the "Output Extension", then use the "Compression method" or just disable it and finally check the "save profile settings after builed".

Now, proudly press "Build Server" and choose where to save and Congratz.........

After you do that, you're gonna see a lot of movement on the big box on top and you might see a black window apears for few seconds to compress the server and after some time server file will get created.

Thats it..

So friends, I hope this DarkComet RAT Setup tutorial on how to hack Computer or Email account password using DarkComet RAT will be useful for you. If you have any problem in this DarkComet RAT tutorial on how to hack Computer or email account password, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy hAcKiNg…

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